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im so sorry!
Friday, April 1, 2011 ✿ 8:05 AM ✿ 0 Royal Person (s)

Soe,sy ta bleyh time awok!
Aty sy xtebukak utk owg laen,
Aty sy juz utk sowg laki.

Sy ngaku,
awQ mmg baek,
awQ take care sal sy,
tp,sy mnx maaf sgt2
sy ta dpat na time awQ
walaw un ex sy uh ske owg laen,
tp sy still syg dy!
Sy xleyh na lpe an dy
Sbb dy 1st side luv sy!
Law kte kpel un,
Sy xsmeztynye epy,
Sbb sy syunk dy!
Law Kte kpel tpi,
Sy still ta dpat na lpe an ex sy,
Ap gne nyer kte kpel an?

Soe lar awQ!
sy ta dpat  na time awQ!

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